Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot is recommended for tying your fly to your leader or tippet. It is a simple knot to tie and as you gain experience fly fishing, it will be as easy as tying your shoes laces.



  • Insert 5” to 6” of tippet through the eye of your fly hook. Make 5 or 6 turns with the tag end around the standing part of the tippet, turning away from the hook.
  • Push the tag end of tippet or leader through the opening between the hook eye and the first wrap. This creates an open tippet loop over the wraps.
  • Push the tag end through this open loop and pull slightly until the knot begins to close.
  • Moisten the knot area. Alternately pull on the standing portion of the tippet and the hook until the knot snugs up against the hook eye.
  • Trim the tag end.
  • Test the knot!