General Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks

General Fly Fishing

Where should you cast your fly? That’s not a simple question. For one thing, fishing on a lake is completely different than fishing a stream. But there are some things they have in common when it comes to fishing.

Protection – Fish want to survive so they like protection or cover. They like deep water, logs, brush, or undercut banks. They want to be in the shade to reduce visibility from predators. Fish also like fast moving or choppy water which provides cover.

Food Source – Fish want to be near a food source and the food source is mostly insects. Where insects are located is a function of sunlight. The more sunlight that reaches the river or lake, the more vegetation. The vegetation provides food for the insects. Shallow fast moving water in a stream will have more insects than deep areas where the sun cannot penetrate the deep water. Same goes for lakes. There are more insects near the banks.

Current – Fish want to swim in slow moving current. This reduces the amount of energy the fish is required to expend. However, they need a food source as well. So, fish will congregate in seams. Seams are the transition zone of two different speeds of water. The fast moving water carries the food. Fish will swim comfortably in the slow moving water and dart out into the faster moving water as food passes by.