Rod & Reel Combo Packages

 Rod & Reel Combo Packages

A great way to get started is to purchase a preconfigured package of rod, reel, line.   You can be certain that the equipment is properly matched and balanced to improve your casting.  You will also save some money by purchasing preconfigured packages.

We know everyone’s budget is not the same.  Take a look at some of the packages below.   Orvis  provides excellent web-pages that offer huge selections of fly fishing packages based on your budget.

What you won’t see here are recommendations for very low-end starter packages.  To be blunt, you are just wasting your money.  They are low quality and will really hinder your ability to cast, catch fish, and your time out fishing will not be as enjoyable.  You will become a better fisherman and have a much better experience if you purchase a package of higher quality to start with.   This doesn’t mean you need to spend $2,000 (you can, or more), but you will be much better off spending $100 and foregoing that $30 starter package.

Recommended Fly Fishing Outfits for the beginner


Orvis StreamLine Rod and Reel Combo

Orvis has reduced the price to $129.  You won’t find a better deal.  We highly recommend jumping on this deal if you are in the market for a beginner package. 

Orvis is synonymous with quality fly fishing. This is their low-end Streamline package for a little over $200. Low end for Orvis is high end for many other companies. You can expect a quality product with a good warranty. Comes with the StreamLine rod, Clearwater reel, quality backing and weight forward line, and leader. Also included is a great case that stores your rod and reel.

We have a more thorough review of the Streamline Combo Package (review).

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

The Wild River beginners package is a very good value priced at about $100. Not quite the quality of the Orvis Streamline package, but it is half the price. If you want a good low-cost beginners package, you will be a happy with is combo. Comes with a 4-piece graphite rod,  large arbor cast aluminum reel, backing, line, and a nice case.  They also throw in few popular flies and fly case to get you started.  Another bonus is a lifetime rod warranty.

Bottom line:  Wild River may not be a well known brand like Orvis or Sage, but this package will suit the beginner well at an affordable price.


 Sage Approach 2016K-490-4 Fly Outfit

Sage is absolutely one of our favorite manufacturers. TOP quality. This package is on the more expensive end for beginners but worth it you can swing it. Price is around $400 but you won’t be disappointed.

Wright & McGill Plunge Fly Fishing Rod Collection

Another complete package for the beginner at a reasonable price. Everything you need to get started including rod, reel, flies, travel case, and more for about $150.

Redington Pursuit Fly Rod Outfit

This is a very good introductory package. Redington is a reputable manufacturer that backs their equipment with a life-time warranty. You will need to select the rod weight for your type of fishing. A 4 or 5 weight rod is good for general purpose fishing for smaller fish like trout. Go with a 6 or 8 weight package if fishing large water with large fish. We also recommend a 4 piece rod for easier transport and storage.

helios 2

Orvis Helios 2 Rod and Reel Combo icon

OK – here is the best of the best. Top of the line Orvis helios package. We brought this into the mix to give you an idea of what is available on the high end.  Cost is about $1200.  Orvis combines their lightest and best rod with a great reel.  This is the ideal  package for those who have the money or want to give the ultimate give.