Simms Vest


When you venture out for a day of fishing, you will want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment with you. At a minimum you’ll want a variety of flies, extra leaders, several spools of different size tippet, fly dressing or floatant, a knife maybe, and most importantly, something to eat. Fly fishing vests have been developed to carry all your gear.

Choosing the right vest is a matter of preference but you will want to make sure the vest has plenty of easy accessible pockets. There should be a mixture of pocket sizes. You should also consider what type of weather you will be fishing in. If you are a fair weather fisherman, make sure you get a vest with good ventilation. Make sure your vest is made from good quality materials and good workmanship.

If vests aren’t your style you might want to think about a fishing pack. Fishing packs are relatively new on the market but are just as functional as a vest. They come in either chest of lumbar versions and both are very comfortable. They usually have zipper compartments that can fold out for easy access to inner compartments. Some lumbar packs even come with integral beverage holders. Now that’s fishing in style!

Recommended Vests:

Orvis Vest

Orvis Clearwater Vest

The Orvis Clearwater vest is your classic fly fishing vest to hold all your gear during the day.  Ample pockets and storage compartments to meet your beginner’s needs. 

Orvis also offers a “Fully Loaded” option which includes all the accessories you will need.  Leaders, tippet, snippers, forceps, floatant, and even a fully loaded fly box. 

Simms Vest

Simms Vertical Guide Vest

The Simms Guide Vest is a very versitile vest with 18 pockets to store just about anything you need to carry.  The layout makes for easy access to the items you need the most.  We personally use Simms vests because they are the most comfortable vests available. 

Simms vest sit a bit higher than other vest which add to the comfort.


Arroyo Check Pack

Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack Color Barnwood

Here is an alternative to the standard vest. This chest pack has more storage than you realize. The advantage to the Arroyo chest pack is versatility. You can wear it with the neck strap so it sits tight to your chest. Or use the padded lumbar strap and carry it around your waist like a fanny pack.