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Orvis Encounter Beginner Rod & Reel Package

Posted at January 8, 2019 | By : | Categories : Blog,Reviews,Rod and Reel Combos | 1 Comment

Orvis has a beginner package.   Called the Encounter it’s dang near the perfect beginner rod and reel combination package at just $159.  Enter the world of fly fishing with ease with the affordable Encounter fly rod outfit. These fly rod outfits are offered in the most popular sizes and line weights, so that there is no guessing on your part.  These discount fly rods make it easy for the novice angler to get in on the sport of fly fishing.  We say dang near the perfect because the one drawback is Orvis’s 25 year guarantee does not apply to this rod.  But Orvis will warranty the rod if there are any defects.

Our Review:

This is a really, really nice package for the beginner. Though this is the low end of Orvis’s rod series, it is better than most  rods that come with beginners equipment.  The reel is loaded with backing, a weight forward line, and good leader. The case is very nice compared to other beginner packages in that it also stores the reel.

Bottom line:

You can buy a $50 low-end package if you want to just get started and try fly fishing. Chances are you will love fly fishing but that low-end package will be limiting your ability to cast and catch fish. If you then try a higher- end package, you will understand  what a difference it makes and that $50 you spent could have gone towards a better package like the Encounter.

The Encounter rod and reel outfit is good enough quality that it could be the only package you ever need to buy. We think the Encounter beginner package is one the best quality outfits you can purchase (if not THE best) and at a great price of about $160.

If you are worried about the 25-year guarantee issue, then we would recommend you look at Orvis Clearwater Package . It’s about double the price at just under $300, but you get a better rod and reel, a rod case, and the 25-year guarantee.   Either one are great packages to started.

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