Fly Fishing for Beginners - Wading Boots

Do not overlook the importance of wading boots. I spent my first season fly fishing using rubber soled hiking boots as my wading shoes. What a mistake. I was slipping and sliding all over the place, actually falling several times, and by the end of the day my ankles were usually killing me. Though I just couldn’t believe that felt bottom shoes would make a difference, I succumbed to a friend's wisdom and bought a pair of wading boots. I could not believe the difference. Gone were the Wading Bootsslipping and sliding and most importantly, the falling. I now believe that wading boots are one of the biggest safety items you have when fishing (common sense and eye protection are others). 

Boot Material – Wading boots take a beating while you are fishing. You will constantly be scraping them against jagged rocks, logs, and other objects, so the boots must be durable. Look for wading boots made from synthetic leather that won’t absorb water. This makes them lighter and easier to walk in. Drain patches should be made of thick, double-layer nylon. Overall, make sure they are well built with good materials.

Sole Material – Felt sole wading boots are the norm. They provide good traction in most environments. Wading boots come in other sole materials as well. Some have special rubber soles for traction. Additionally, some manufacturers have added studs to the bottom of their soles (felt or rubber). These studs work like your studded snow tires for additional gripping.

Recommended Wading Boots:

Korkers Sportsman Series Cross Current Wading Boot

Orvis - Clearwater® Wading Shoes

Korkers Sportsman Series Cross Current Wading Boot

Recommended Outfits

These outfits have everything you need to get started. The packages come with the highest quality rods, reels, and line from very respectable manufacturers.  You'll also save yourself some money by purchasing preconfigured outfits. 

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Wild River Fly Fishing Package

This outfit is a top quality package at a great price. The package includes rod, reel, line, leader, and even a few flies. The equipment has a lifetime warrenty.

Orvis fly fishing outfits

Orvis Fly Fishing Outfits

Orvis is the leader in fly fishing equipment. Select from one of their preconfigured fly fishing outfits or build your own.

Cabellas fly fishing outfits

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