Fly Fishing for Beginners - DVDs


Besides books there are some great DVDs available that are especially helpful when learning to cast and tie flies.  Here are some recommended DVDs:


Successful Fly Fishing Strategies

"Successful Fly Fishing Strategies" are just what our sport needs. Not only do they entertain you, but they are full of useful knowledge to help fly fishers at all levels. If you want to learn the sport of fly fishing, these videos, without question, will teach and take you to new levels."




Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting

Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting: From Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques

Joan Wulff is regarded as one of the best instructors in fly fishing. Her DVD is ideal for the beginner as she shows the correct method to cast and also shows how to correct mistakes. This DVD is regarded as one of the best!






Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting

Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting

Another name synonymous with fly casting. Learn from one of the greats as Lefty shows you his perspective on fly casting.







Orvis fly fishing outfits

Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Casting

From the basic cast to more advanced double hauling, this DVD will walk you step by step through the most precise and easy-to-understand instructional system ever devised for fly casting.