Fly Fishing for Beginners - Techniques

You have your gear, practiced casting and are comfortable with the feel and now you are ready to head to the water and catch some fish. This is where mental side of fly fishing comes to into play. You have to understand some basic principles or it could turn out to be a long frustrating day.

The two big questions you need to answer are:

1) What insects are the fish feeding on? This will dictate the fly pattern you should be using. Anglers have a term for this “match the hatch”.

2) Where in the water are the fish feeding? This will dictate where you should cast and place your fly. This will be different for streams and lakes.

This section on fishing techniques will try to explain the basics of matching the hatch and where to cast your fly. It will be the basics folks. Entire books and videos are dedicated to this subject and I highly recommend you educate yourself as much as you can.

There is also information in this section describing some basic knots and wading techniques to ensure you have a safe experience.


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